Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello Again

I haven't visited this blog in quite a while, so I thought I'd drop in to update a little bit.
Yesterday was Easter. 
Yes, Christ is Risen and it is Wonderful! Alleluia!
But I can't stop thinking about all those people who are missing their loved ones. 
And I can't help feeling like there's something I should do for them, but I know there isn't. 
All I can do is pray for their comfort and healing. 

I've been a little up and down lately emotions wise because I haven't been taking my medications as on time as I should be. I will have to work on that because it's definitely not an option for me. Consistency is key.

That's all for now. 
Blessings to all.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Memory Lane

The other day I decided to walk across the driveway and explore the hidden treasures inside my Grandpa's shed and Grandma and Grandpa's basement. It was fun to take the pictures, but it was even more fun to hear some of the stories that my Grandma told me about the things I found. She had a story for almost every picture, but these are a few of the ones I enjoyed most.
My Grandpa had a one-of-a-kind sense of humor.

 When I showed these pictures to Grandma she had a story for almost every one. Most of them were about Grandpa picking things up off the side of the road and bringing them home, but she said that this picture was actually left by the previous owner. It's a very delicate picture that's made of some kind of tin-foil-ish substance.

 Grandma told me that when they were taking the rail-road apart in Eden, Grandpa went up and asked some of the guys if he could take some of the spikes home. Either they let him or he took them anyway, who really knows with that guy! P.S. I love how he labled EVERYTHING!
Grandpa definitely had a big heart for his birds. This is an old Finch Feeder, so says the label.

 Grandma said he was always bringing home old road signs. He actually has the Rail Road sign too, but it was too reflective so I didn't get a good picture.

Remember Goofy and Pluto? I always remember taking pictures by these guys during the summer.

 This was in a box labeled "Farm Toys" I asked Grandma about it and she said that she thinks it might have been David's at one time so that's why Jesse's name is on it.
 "They don't make them all metal like that anymore, that's why he started saving them!" -Grandma
 "Good Old Time Beer Flavor" next to an oil can. Grandma had no idea where that came from. Haha.

Uncle Tim, I didn't know you had a siding business!
Tim sided Grandma's house by the way. I learned that from her.
A very old wooden tricycle.

 Yes, Grandpa, I made sure all the lights were off before I left. :)

Grandma laughed when she saw these in here because, "Somehow those guys ended up in there when they were moving!"

 Proud to be an American.
 I asked Grandma if she made this and she couldn't remember, but I bet she did because I have a little doll that she made with those wooden close-pins as arms. He must have taken it out with him to keep him company in the shed. :)

Apparently this was another "Side of the Road" treasure! Who would have thought!
 Grandma said that Grandpa would take this big thing and Carolyn had a smaller one that she used and the two of them would go cutting the long grass along the electric fence.
 "Keep Smiling"
"Safety- Live With It"
above these two signs was a hand written sign that said, 
"Remember to wear Goggles when drilling"
 Grandpa's old radio
 This one made Grandma tear up. She said she loved all the signs he left because they have helped her out so much. This one says,
"To Reset Breaker's, Push To Off Then To On"
 In the basement he's got a list of his favorite radio stations written on a piece of cardboard. This is were the treadmill always was.
 Made for Grandma by Grandpa
 Old metal trucks that Grandpa may have stolen fromTim Denise Guell. Haha. I am pretty sure that Grandma said Grandpa went over there one day and the kids had left them on the lawn so he picked them up and took them home because they were metal and he wanted to save them. Haha...typical.

James Bond Lunchbox that probably belonged to all of the boys at one point or another. It is so cool!

 Grandpa's old lunch boxes. She said that when he was working for the County and he would get called out for work in the middle of the night she would always get up with him to make a lunch in one box and fill the other with water in some thermoses for him. Simple acts of kindness done with great Love.
 This really made her tear up to see that he still had some of the napkins in those lunch boxes.

 Another one of Grandpa's old radios.
 Grandma said that this was probably Tim Denise Guell's height or my dad's, but she couldn't remember and there were no names.

This faucet always had a bucket under it when they had their old dog Snuffy. Whenever the bucket would run low, someone would fill it up and he'd come running.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Progress on the Routines...

As you might know, or as you might not know, I have been trying to incorporate some routines in my life to give myself some much needed balance. I have found that my life is much more peaceful when I am organized and things are clean. Therefore, I have vowed to take the 21 Day Challenge! I am trying to:
-Make my bed every morning
-Clean my room before bed
-Do the dishes before bed
-Clean the bathroom before bed
-Week Day Bedtime: 10:30 or 11pm
-Week Day Wake Up: 7:30am

I've been trying my best to keep up with all of these things as well as keep up with my homework, my tutoring job, and my daycare job. How's it going?
It's been a week and I've slipped up on doing the dishes once, but other than that, I've kept my promises to myself and I have seen a remarkable difference in my life. I am so proud of myself for being consistent. Hopefully I can make it through all 21 days so these things become a habit.

What Has God Passed On To You?

Well, I stole this from my own Facebook page, but I enjoyed writing it so much that I thought I would share it here as well. I would like to look back in a couple of months and re-read this for myself so I might as well. Happy Reading!

Here is a song that I think many of you will like. It's called "Learning To Be The Light" by Newworldson. I would also like to share a little reflection of my understanding of this song. The chorus of this song is so meaningful to me because the lyrics say, "You gave me something I want everyone to see. When we stumble and it all goes wrong, only You can make it right so I say, I'm learning to be the light."
How beautiful and true. God has instilled something in each of us that is unique and bright and beautiful. Something that no one else could do better or understands better than we do. But not only has He instilled these things in us, He has SHARED them with us. What I mean by this is that the unique talents He has instilled in us are actually traits of His own that have been passed on to His children. Another set of lyrics in this song say, "I'll build a city on a hill and I'll light a candle on the sill knowing You'll be always knocking at the door. Oh God, I just want to love on everyone and all I have is Yours to give so let the people come." Notice how it says, "all I have is Yours to give." God did not pass His traits on to His children so that we could keep them to ourselves. Imagine that you are building a city that specializes in all the traits God has passed on to you. In order to make your city known, people have to be able to find it, right? So instead of building your city in a hole, build it on the highest hill and make it bright! In life you can hold your head up high and be confident! You have something that God has given to you and you alone! God is living in YOU! If you want others to know what God is like, don't preach to them by telling them story after story from the Bible. You can do this and should share the Word however, instead of simple talking... SHOW them. By sharing that special gift with you, God lives in you and by using that special gift you can let others see that God is not just some guy that lives in Heaven- He is HERE, in each of us. The line, "Oh God, I just want to love on everyone" is such a powerful statement in my opinion. So often we forget that our purpose on Earth is not to become better than those around us. But, if that's not our purpose, what is? There are obviously many answers to this question, but my favorite is that we are here to share the talents God has given us and to seek out the talents God has given to others. But, here's the catch. God is tricky. In order to see that God lives in you and discover the traits and talents He has passed on to you, you have to be able to discover Him in the hearts of those around you. "Love on everyone" because everyone's heart is the house of God.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Routines. How I Hate To Love Them.

In My Mind, this is me:
Because I went to bed at 9:30 the previous night, I always wake up refreshed every morning at 6am just so I can sit in the silence of my room for at least half an hour praying and meditating about what God has in store for me and thanking Him for everything that I have been given.  
After my prayer and meditation session is done, I leap out of bed with great excitement. I then proceed to make my bed, pick up my room, and make my lunch before hopping in the shower.
Next I eat a healthy breakfast (because it is the most important meal of the day, you know) of eggs, toast, a piece of fruit, and some juice. 
Then I hop in the car and drive the speed limit all the way to school. *Sometimes I even drive a little under just so I can take in the beautiful scenery and still arrive 10 minutes early for class so I don't have to rush.
Once I'm at school I am attentive and engaged in class activities and I ask questions when necessary.
After school I go to work at the daycare where I always have a positive attitude for my school age kids and they never push me to the breaking point.
When the night is over, I go home to eat dinner. I never procrastinate on my homework assignments, that's why I even have time to do my laundry and clean the bathroom before I hit the hay. 
Another successful day in this wonderful, organized life that I have created for myself. 
Too bad this is how my life really works...

In Reality, this is me:
Most of the time I have nightmares, at least 5 to 6 times a week. I also wake up frequently during the night so I hit the snooze about 10 times before my mind actually starts to function. By that time it is usually about half an hour before I have to leave for school. Because of this, I feel rushed. When I feel rushed, I get anxious. When I get anxious, I drop things. When I drop things, I have to pick them up and with how many things I drop and knock down that now leaves me about 25 minutes to shower, dry my hair, get dressed, put my make-up on, and pack my lunch. 
This is me racing the clock... every morning:
 25 minutes- total
-10 minutes (shower + dry hair)
-10 minutes (get dressed)
- 5 minutes (make-up/ brush teeth)
- 5 minutes (pack my lunch)
- 5 minutes (put shoes on, pack my backpack, search for my phone, get in the car)
That's right.
10+10+5+5+5= 35 which means, I am already 10 minutes late to start my day so I don't eat breakfast.
Luckily, I give my self some cushion time so I make it to school at the last second, but that's too close for comfort.
Once I'm in my first class, I generally spend the first 5 minutes catching my breath from running up the stairs and wracking my brain for whatever it is that gives me that nagging feeling that I've forgotten something. I'm not as attentive as I should be because I'm tired and it's winter so I keep thinking about my warm bed. 

After class I go to work at the daycare and I'm sure there are some days when the kids probably wish they had a different teacher because I tend to be a lot more serious when I'm tired. But, for the majority of the time they handle it well and I do my best to have fun with them. 
And finally, when I come home, I usually put my pajamas on and leave my clothes on the floor then crawl into bed and watch a movie on my laptop or go on facebook, you know, anything besides doing my homework. I start to think about doing my homework around 9 or so and if I have a lot I don't get to bed until 11 or 12. And since I have nightmares and wake up frequently, the whole cycle starts over again the next day.
But Here Comes The Good Part:
Like my title says, I love routines! I Love, Love, Love them! But I hate that I can't keep a routine to save my life. But, that's all going to change because I'm going attempt to turn the life I have right now into the life I want. In order to do that I'm starting a...

Why 21 days? Well, I recently read that it takes approximately 21 days for something to become a routine or a habit. I also read that in order to have better success in the 21 day challenge, you should make yourself accountable by telling someone. Hello, my wonderful someone. :) 
Right now I am thinking that 21 days doesn't seem like a very long time, but I'm sure once I get started I will change my mind.
Here are a few things I would like to make routine in my life:
1. Weekday Bedtime : 10:30pm
2. Weekday Wake Up: 7:30am
3. Make Bed After Getting Out of Bed
4. Pick Up Room Every Night
5. Pack Lunch Every Night
6. Clean Off Kitchen Counters/Dishes Every Night

I will do my best to keep these goals and I will update once in a while, but now I need to finish my homework since it's 9:42pm and bedtime is at 10:30! Goodnight!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Living Simple...

Yesterday I spent a good 4 hours knee deep in junk that I couldn't let go of. For some reason I find it hard to let go of things that people have given me or things that I've purchased, even if I haven't touched it in 2 years. However, that is not the case anymore. I am choosing to live simple. 

When I was younger my mom always used to say to me, " when your room is messy, you can't think straight. " I hate to admit it, but she was right! Whenever my room is messy, I tend to procrastinate a lot more and I just don't feel like doing anything productive. It doesn't even matter if I'm at home or at school(I commute to school). If my room is  messy and I'm at school in the library trying to study... that's usually when Facebook takes over the majority of my time. However, if my room is clean, I can get a lot done in a small amount of time! It's a good thing that I got the motivation to clean up my room this week because school starts on Tuesday! 
I am thinking that it will be a good semester if I can keep myself on track. My medication dosage is finally where I need it to be and I have a clean room to help me stay on track. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012. New Year. New Responsibilities. New Experiences. New Me.

I've been thinking a lot about resolutions and such, as is customary for ringing in the New Year, however I've never made a resolution in my entire life so I didn't really know what I wanted to do. But I think I've figured it out.
My New Year's Resolution won't consist of all the things I want to do. It will consist of all the things I won't do! (Or at least, I'll give it a try.) This isn't a simple one step resolution such as the common, "I want to drop ten pounds." This is a multi-step, soul-searching, life-changing type of resolution...or should I say, 'revolution.'

*Reminder: Everybody slips up and everybody gives into weaknesses so I'll try to keep my resolutions as best I can, but there will be occasional slip ups every once in a while.

1. (Success! Note that this is displayed in the reminder.) I won't believe that I am Super Woman. I won't feel ashamed if I slip up or don't meet my own, or the expectations of others.
2. I won't hide the fact that I need help. I won't pretend that I can handle it until it's too late to get the help I need.
3. I won't walk with my eyes fixed on the sidewalk. I won't miss one more second of this beautiful life I've been given.
4. I won't isolate myself any longer from the people that love me and the people who are making an effort to stay involved in my life.
5. I won't stress out about events that haven't occurred yet in my life or events that might never occur in my life.
6. I won't make excuses for myself. I won't tell myself that I can't do something because of my current state of mind. (That's where asking for help comes in handy.)
7. I won't avoid doing all the things I used to love.
8. I won't watch myself be left behind in this fast paced world.
9. I won't change myself or my values for anyone.
10. I won't stand in the corner anymore and watch as everyone else finds ways to make a difference in this world. I won't keep all the talents God has given me to myself. I will use them and I will make a difference.