Sunday, March 11, 2012

Memory Lane

The other day I decided to walk across the driveway and explore the hidden treasures inside my Grandpa's shed and Grandma and Grandpa's basement. It was fun to take the pictures, but it was even more fun to hear some of the stories that my Grandma told me about the things I found. She had a story for almost every picture, but these are a few of the ones I enjoyed most.
My Grandpa had a one-of-a-kind sense of humor.

 When I showed these pictures to Grandma she had a story for almost every one. Most of them were about Grandpa picking things up off the side of the road and bringing them home, but she said that this picture was actually left by the previous owner. It's a very delicate picture that's made of some kind of tin-foil-ish substance.

 Grandma told me that when they were taking the rail-road apart in Eden, Grandpa went up and asked some of the guys if he could take some of the spikes home. Either they let him or he took them anyway, who really knows with that guy! P.S. I love how he labled EVERYTHING!
Grandpa definitely had a big heart for his birds. This is an old Finch Feeder, so says the label.

 Grandma said he was always bringing home old road signs. He actually has the Rail Road sign too, but it was too reflective so I didn't get a good picture.

Remember Goofy and Pluto? I always remember taking pictures by these guys during the summer.

 This was in a box labeled "Farm Toys" I asked Grandma about it and she said that she thinks it might have been David's at one time so that's why Jesse's name is on it.
 "They don't make them all metal like that anymore, that's why he started saving them!" -Grandma
 "Good Old Time Beer Flavor" next to an oil can. Grandma had no idea where that came from. Haha.

Uncle Tim, I didn't know you had a siding business!
Tim sided Grandma's house by the way. I learned that from her.
A very old wooden tricycle.

 Yes, Grandpa, I made sure all the lights were off before I left. :)

Grandma laughed when she saw these in here because, "Somehow those guys ended up in there when they were moving!"

 Proud to be an American.
 I asked Grandma if she made this and she couldn't remember, but I bet she did because I have a little doll that she made with those wooden close-pins as arms. He must have taken it out with him to keep him company in the shed. :)

Apparently this was another "Side of the Road" treasure! Who would have thought!
 Grandma said that Grandpa would take this big thing and Carolyn had a smaller one that she used and the two of them would go cutting the long grass along the electric fence.
 "Keep Smiling"
"Safety- Live With It"
above these two signs was a hand written sign that said, 
"Remember to wear Goggles when drilling"
 Grandpa's old radio
 This one made Grandma tear up. She said she loved all the signs he left because they have helped her out so much. This one says,
"To Reset Breaker's, Push To Off Then To On"
 In the basement he's got a list of his favorite radio stations written on a piece of cardboard. This is were the treadmill always was.
 Made for Grandma by Grandpa
 Old metal trucks that Grandpa may have stolen fromTim Denise Guell. Haha. I am pretty sure that Grandma said Grandpa went over there one day and the kids had left them on the lawn so he picked them up and took them home because they were metal and he wanted to save them. Haha...typical.

James Bond Lunchbox that probably belonged to all of the boys at one point or another. It is so cool!

 Grandpa's old lunch boxes. She said that when he was working for the County and he would get called out for work in the middle of the night she would always get up with him to make a lunch in one box and fill the other with water in some thermoses for him. Simple acts of kindness done with great Love.
 This really made her tear up to see that he still had some of the napkins in those lunch boxes.

 Another one of Grandpa's old radios.
 Grandma said that this was probably Tim Denise Guell's height or my dad's, but she couldn't remember and there were no names.

This faucet always had a bucket under it when they had their old dog Snuffy. Whenever the bucket would run low, someone would fill it up and he'd come running.


  1. Omg amanda some of these pictures made me tear up just looking at them, good memories of grandpa :)

    1. I was so glad I did this! It was so fun to look at all that stuff and remember all those good times!

  2. First off...the photos look awesome! Very Artsy! and I love them. Secondly, there is a television show where these twin brothers go into your home or garage or wherever and poke through old stuff to see if there are any hidden treasures. This looks like a great candidate for that show. I'm so glad you did this for yourself.